How To Pick The Right Mannequins For Your Retail Store

How To Pick The Right Mannequins For Your Retail Store

The right mannequins are the perfect way to showcase your clothing items in a retail store. But how do you choose which mannequin is the best fit for your business? Picking out the ideal mannequins for your retail space requires careful consideration of size, shape, and style. Knowing what type of mannequin will work with your unique store design and display needs is essential when investing in these valuable tools. In this article, we share tips on selecting the perfect mannequins for any retail environment so that your store can truly come to life. 


Why Use Mannequins In Your Retail Store?

Mannequin displays are an excellent way for retailers to showcase their latest collections and drive sales. Featuring apparel and accessories on store mannequins gives customers a clear indication of the type of merchandise that is available, making it easier to find what they’re looking for. 

Mannequins also serve as effective marketing tools when they are featured in prominent locations like storefront windows and inside retail stores, since they attract the interest of passersby who take notice of the items being promoted. Demonstrating various seasonal outfits or highlighting key pieces of clothing on your shop's mannequins can engage shoppers with both visually appealing and relevant options. 

This approach helps increase overall foot traffic and encourages customers to purchase what they see right away rather than exploring rivals elsewhere. Showcasing products on mannequins inside or outside your store is the ideal way to capitalize on your store's merchandise offerings and maximize sales in the short term.

How To Choose The Right Mannequin For Your Store


Tips To Pick The Right Mannequins For Your Retail Store

1. Understand Your Store's Brand Identity

The first step in choosing the perfect mannequin for your store is understanding your brand identity as this will inform you of the exact type of mannequin you need for your aesthetic. With so many different types of mannequins on the market, from realistic mannequins to ghost mannequins, the decision can be overwhelming. 

However, once you understand the vibe of your store, you will be directed towards one or two styles, which will make the decision a lot easier. Take the time to fully understand your brand and the image you are trying to create and you will be off to a great start!

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is essential to select the right mannequins for your retail store. Who are you trying to attract? What kind of customer base do you have, and what feedback has come in from customers? These questions can help inform the decision on which type of mannequin will be a good fit.

It's also important to think about who makes up your customer base. Do they respond more positively to fashion designer brands or local independent designers? Figuring out these details can make it easier to find mannequins that match the customers of your store. Taking the time to consider the needs and preferences of your shoppers will ensure that you pick the perfect display pieces for your store!

3. Consider The Size And Shape 

When picking out the right mannequins for your retail store, it’s important to consider their size and shape. Size is a key factor when selecting the perfect mannequin; you want one that displays clothing items appropriately and accurately. By considering the size and shape of your mannequin, you'll be well prepared when shopping around for the right mannequins fit to showcase your merchandise at its fullest potential while giving customers an idea of what their purchases might look like on them too!

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4. Assess Your Budget 

Before you purchase mannequins for your retail store, it is important to assess your budget. The cost of forms and selection of display mannequins can vary greatly from a big box retailer to an online resource. To get the most cost-effective result, consider factors like the variety of colors, sizes, and styles that will work best in your space. 

Here are some tips to help you find the right mannequin while staying within budget:

  • Research the different types of display options available at various price points.
  • Look for sales or discounts offered by retailers when purchasing multiple units.
  • Consider using refurbished models if they offer enough variety.
  • Check out online resources for a wider selection of mannequins for sale.
  • Compare prices between vendors before making a final decision.

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5. Choose The Right Material 

Choosing the right material for your mannequins is an important decision. Depending on the type of retail store you have, there are a variety of options to consider. For instance, if you own a clothing boutique or a high-end retail store, abstract mannequins may be more appropriate than traditional mannequins for your display window. These designer mannequins often provide a modern and stylish look that draw customers in.

In contrast, dress-form mannequins are ideal for displaying various apparel items such as jackets and coats. They also come with adjustable parts so they can fit different sizes perfectly. If you're looking for something versatile then action mannequins might be worth considering; these types of mannequin supplies let you show multiple poses while still demonstrating how clothes fit on them.

6. Select The Right Color 

A wide assortment of mannequin styles with various colors should be considered in order to pick the best choice of mannequins that will enhance clothing collections and create an attractive visual impact on potential customers. Depending on who your target audience is and what kind of merchandise you are selling, bright colors may work better. Department stores often use neutral tones like black or white which works great when displaying multiple items from varying fashion brands all at once. 

However, if you specialize in a specific brand or style then choosing one primary color might be more effective for drawing attention to certain pieces within your department store chain. No matter what shade you choose, make sure it complements both the clothing creation and other elements within your shop window display. The perfect combination of hues helps capture customers’ interest while creating an inviting atmosphere in-store. 


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Using mannequins is a great way to stylishly showcase the clothing you have on offer and provide customers with a real-life example of what your clothes look like on a person. At DispleTech, we sell a wide variety of mannequin styles depending on the needs of your store:

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