How to choose the right mannequins for your store?

How to choose the right mannequins for your store?

The use of mannequins in stores has always been used to display new products, to highlight a brand or to bring creative concepts to life to attract the consumer's eye and encourage them to buy.

Do you want to exhibit complete mannequins, headless or busts only?

Among the many types of mannequins, you must choose the one or those that meet your needs and fit perfectly: 

  • in your shop window
  • inside your shop
  • in the clothing sections of your big-box store
  • To highlight different accessories (jewelry, accessories, shoes and stockings)

Each of the types of mannequins: complete, with or without a head or simply a bust, offers you advantages depending on your brand image and the concept you want to create.

Different shapes and parts of mannequin for shop and store.

To remember !

Adco Displetech has a varied stock of mannequins to help you create additional visual appeal for each department in your store.

The materials of the mannequins: fiberglass or unbreakable plastic?

If you want to save, we suggest the use of plastic mannequins. They are also more resistant to cracks and scratches. However, given their lightness, they are not suitable for heavy clothing such as coats.

We recommend the use of fiberglass mannequins for quality and more expensive clothing, as well as outdoor, sporting goods and evening wear.

Plastic and fiberglass mannequin for your shop display nee

Fiberglass is more expensive, but its quality inspires elegance and sophistication. However, both plastic and plastic can offer the finish of your choice (matte or glossy, black or white).

To note

Complete mannequins, with or without head, as well as torsos and extremities of the body: hands, heads with bust and foot with calf can be offered in both materials.

Mannequin torso for shop.

Female, male or child model: they tell your story

By using mannequins, you tell a story and communicate the quality of your products. Whether it's male, female or child-sized mannequin specimens, your clothes and accessories are enhanced by your creativity. This allows you to turn stationary icons into silent sellers.

Adco Displetech offers you a huge choice of mannequin styles. Our provider offers just about every possibility. You just have to ask. Tell us about your needs, we'll show you the options for your store.

Mannequins according to your displays

When choosing which type(s) of mannequin(s) to incorporate into your merchandising strategy, also think in terms of your store displays. Adco Displetech has a large inventory of mannequins, in all finishes and styles can help you create a unique and harmonious design.

In closing, remember that the use of mannequins inevitably attracts clients. It does not matter if it is a complete model, a head, a bust, feet or hands.

  • You facilitate their purchasing decisions.
  • You allow them to visualize the result, as well as the best combinations of colors and textures.
  • You save them research time.

Therefore, the additional visual appeal helps you improve your sales.

For personalized advice, contact one of our representatives.