Clothing Racks & Displayers


      At displetech we have many merchandising options to display products in a retail environment. Choose from our wide range of clothing racks including, rolling racks, pipeline clothing racks, 2-way and 4-way racks, double bar racks, round racks and specialty clothing racks. The variety of garment racks available at Displetech provides retailers with many options when it comes to effectively utilizing floor space. We also have a selection of floor displays, nesting table displays, wire dump bins, shoe displays and acrylic risers to help merchandise any sort of retail products.

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      Racks are an essential item for displaying apparel in a retail environment. Our straight racks feature a horizontal bar with 2 supporting legs. In addition, we sell racks with 2 straight bars to accommodate a larger selection of clothing. Choose from clothing racks with wheels or with a stationary base. Rolling garment racks make it simple for store owners to rearrange and display their products while based pieces provide a more permanent display station. Many of our clothing racks have adjustable heights to easily accommodate the length of the product that needs to be displayed. Our clothing racks come in a variety of designs to suit various retail environments, from industrial settings to boutique stores.

      At Displetech, we sell Pipeline clothing racks for retailers who want to add an industrial feel to their retail environment. These racks are extremely popular in New York's garment district. They incorporate interconnecting pipes and connectors which are sure to add a touch of style to your showroom.

      We also sell various 2-way and 4-way floor displays, featuring a central posts with arms that branch out. These racks offer style and variety in creating an attractive product display. Most of these racks have adjustable heights so it can be accommodated to different setups as needed. These racks are an ideal choice for a various types of retail environments, such as fashion shops, outlets and department stores.

      Our floor displays and gondolas allow retailers to create an attractive showcase of their products that can be easily manoeuvred an rearranged. Floor displays can be used to optimize empty floor space while showcasing a broad variety of products.

      Nesting display tables are an ideal way to present merchandise in a retail environment. Our display tables can be used to showcase a broad variety of products including. T-shirts, jewellery and kitchen supplies. Many of our display tables are sold in sets of 2 or 3 in different sizes so they can be nested underneath each other.

      Our wire dump bins are adjustable to hold a variety of merchandise. These basket are great for all sorts of retail environments including toy stores, grocery stores, clothing stores and book stores. Our wire dump bins are durable and easy to set up making them a convenient choice for retailers.

      Have any question or need help with your store planning? Contact us at and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look. A solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

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