Slatwalls give retailers the ability to take a simple wall and transform it into a versatile selling tool with unlimited display options. The vast array of accessories available, such as shelves, baskets, hat displays, hooks, cascading waterfalls, hangrails, shelf brackets and acrylic displays gives store owners the ability to fully customize the presentation of the products in their store. Our selection of products includes, floor standing fixtures and gondolas, panels and a multitude of accessories. These items are offered in many different sizes, colors and styles to suit any retail environment.

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At Displetech you can find various slatwall fixtures available in black, maple, gray and white. These fixtures come in various forms and provide retailers with a versatile and high impact display system for their merchandise. These gondola displays can accommodate many different types of shelves and accessories to create unique product display. This line of products is designed to be an economical option for retailers who want a functional display system that can be easily adjusted to their store needs.

Slatwall panels are one of the most versatile display options available to retailers. With the amount of accessories available and the ease to set up and rearrange, the possibilities are endless. You can quickly change the presentation of your merchandise to showcase the products you want without using any additional tools or equipment. With so many options available this product is an excellent choice for retailers who want an efficient and attractive store setup that displays their products with style.

The versatility of slatwall displays gives retailers the option of showcasing almost any type of product whether it be food, clothing, shoes or small trinkets. Install a panel on a wall to maximize space or place a gondola in a central location to draw attention to your products. No matter the type of retail environment you have, these products provide store owners with a a great way to create an effective product presentation that will have an impact on customers.

Have any question or need help with your store planning? Contact us at and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look. A solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

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56 products

56 products