Q-Line tie bar 0.59"X1.18"X36"
Q-Line tie bar 0.59"X1.18"X36"

Q-Line tie bar 0.59"X1.18"X36"


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An efficient in-queue merchandising system presents an opportunity for all retailers to maximise sales as it encourages customers to impulse buy and collect additional items on their way to the checkout. Whilst customers are queued, you have their full attention, time, and (soon) money, so reduce perceived wait times by distracting them with an effectively merchandised system full of impulse products that the customer may have forgotten or may like to add to their basket. 

Tie Bars can be used instead of panels to provide support in-between two upright posts on the system (especially when filling a bay with shelves). They are also used to hang and display hooks when a hangsell row is required.