The Versatility of the Multi-System Collection on Display

The Versatility of the Multi-System Collection on Display

When Hugo Boss was finalizing their new leases in Laval they ultimately turned to Adco-Displetech to help compliment their in-store customer experience. They required a versatile, efficient system that has a high-end appearance.


Hugo Boss store featuring Displetech installations


Here we see Hugo Boss using the Multi-System Armoire along the wall, creating frames for each group, resulting in a merchandiser’s dream.

The Armoire store featuring Displetech installations


The Armoire (48” x 96”) combines efficiency and aesthetics, all within a sensible budget.

Clothing Displays


By using the Multi-System accessories, you can easily merchandise products that require folding or hanging.

Plan de Match Baseball required versatility in order to maximize their floor space, as they have a diverse product range to showcase.

The Multi-System provides those key features by emphasizing a modular and efficient system.

Shoe displays


At Plan de Match Baseball, the Multi-System Armoire is used as a shoe display, creating a double wall of merchandise.

Sports Clothing Display


This picture illustrates the Armoire plus the add-on Armoire, creating a freestanding 24’ long by 8’ high wall. It comes standard in 4’ x 8’ sections, with optional 4’ x 8’ add-on sections. Perfect for Pop-Up shops.