Gridwall Accessories

Showcase your merchandise and keep inventory organized with our variety of gridwall accessories. Choose from a vast range of gridwall shelves, baskets, hat displays, hooks, faceouts, bases, legs, brackets and hang rails available in various colors and materials. Gridwall accessories are incredibly versatile and relatively inexpensive making them a popular option amongst many retailers. The vast array of accessories available gives store owners limitless customization options to design a unique grid system that responds to their retail needs.

At Displetech we have a variety of gridwall shelves, available in wood, plastic, glass and metal wire which are great to display a wide range of products. Our baskets are available in different shapes and sizes to suit the kind of merchandise you would like to display. By making use of our hat displays, waterfalls and faceout accessories you can create an attractive showcase setup for all sorts of apparel and accessories. Gridwall bases and legs allow retailers to create an easily movable display system that can adjust to any store setup.

The mobility of gridwall displays and their ease to setup and rearrange makes them an excellent option for retailers to exhibit all sorts merchandise. Users can quickly change gridwall accessories to respond the stores display needs. Use the accessories to display the weekly special or products on sale. Replace a basket holding accessories to a waterfall hook holding purses in a matter of seconds. Few products offer this sort of versatility. With unlimited options, gridwall accessories allow retailers to create a unique and customizable product display system that can work for any store environment, ranging from small boutiques, to large department stores.

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74 products

74 products