Multi-System: the ideal system to market your products

The Multi-System is a professional presentation system that is versatile, affordable and customizable. Thanks to the many accessories available, you will be able to maximize your floor space, stand out from the competition and market your products effectively.

With the Multi-System, you can add all the components and accessories you want and choose from our 5 available colors: black, white, grey, metallic silver or satin nickel.

The Multi-System visual display system, exclusive to Adco-Displetech, also allows you to display your advertisements and promotions in your points of sale.

If you are a retailer or promoter, this system is ideal for you.

Wall Standards and Outriggers

shelving unit

When you buy or rent premises to market and sell your products, you certainly want to optimize your space and use it efficiently.

Adco-Displetech Wall-Standards and Outriggers are made heavy duty designed to withstand any retail environment. Depending on your budget, we can help you plan your store so that it perfectly represents your brand image.

Many options are available in Wall Standards, Outriggers, shelves and displays to suit all tastes.

Gondolas Merchandisers, Armoires

Store Image

With upgraded wheels that can each support up to 200 lbs., our gondolas are better then ever and unmatched in the market! Versatile and modular, they adapt perfectly to all environments and all your needs.

With our new 96” Armoire you can also create walls 96 inches. These are available in black and white and allow you to increase your space in order to present more merchandise to your customers.

By combining gondolas and Multi-System Armoires, you benefit from almost unlimited merchandising and efficient sales space.

Plus, with the creation of the Pipeline Outrigger and Pipeline Armoire, you can now use all of your Multi-System accessories and retain the authentic Pipeline image.

Shelves and accessories

Gondola pole in store

Hooks, bars, signs, brackets, shelves of all kinds; all the accessories you need to personalize your shop are at your disposal. Our accessories and shelves  are Heavy Duty and can withstand various loads.

Our accessories will be useful for:

  • Groceries, Pharmaceuticals, promotional items;
  • Hanging small objects;
  • Display helmets, hats or head accessories;
  • Add decoration to your store;
  • Show shoes;
  • And more.

Each of our accessories have a Heavy Duty construction that is suitable for commercial use.

The advantages of the Multi-System

gondola pole

Thanks to its multiple components, the Multi-System is customizable in every possible way to adapt perfectly to the products to be marketed and to your brand. So you can create a retail system as you like, that maximizes your space and attracts customers.

The Multi-System is ideal for grocery or food stores, clothing and shoe stores, convenience stores as well as home goods stores.

Trust our experts

Stand out from the competition by creating an original store in your image. Let our experts advise you and design with you a tailor-made Multi-System presentation system that will meet all your expectations, without exceeding your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to start your project or if you have any questions.