DispleTech Steers Retail into the Future with SES Imagotag Partnership

DispleTech Steers Retail into the Future with SES Imagotag Partnership

We're excited to share some groundbreaking news about our services! DispleTech, has recently announced a strategic partnership with SES Imagotag the leader in Electronic Shelf hardware and AI software solutions for retail.  Our collaboration is to help you establish state-of-the-art software and hardware, offering you a path to optimize margins and reduce waste.

Bridging the Future of Retail

SES Imagotag’s  commitment to providing futuristic solutions with their investment in VUSION and Pulse AI platforms is very impressive. Our partnership signifies a steadfast commitment to future-proofing your businesses and ensuring that you operate efficiently and sustainably. In a landscape where brands strive to balance profitability with sustainability, we are here to help you get there.

Pulse: A Symphony of Functionalities

The Pulse platform is the catalyst in SES Imagotag, as it offers you  a suite of functionalities designed to bring immediate improvements to your bottom lines.  By analyzing your big data of cost, margin, waste, product sell-through, margins, and floor traffic, the software serves as a vigilant eye, identifying products with waste issues, optimizing stock levels, enhancing sales, adjusting pricing based on market conditions, and more.

Pulse also stands as a reliable tool for retailers, alerting floor staff through subtle ESL messages about immediate issues and enabling competitive and immediate pricing displays. It also provides a comprehensive view of promotional activities across stores, allowing for strategic store management by comparing performance trends. Additionally, the automated reporting feature ensures that retailers are always in the loop with immediate and live details of their business.

VUSION OS: The Backbone of Digitized Stores

But that’s not all!

VUSION OS acts as the backbone and starting point for digitizing your store and guaranteeing the best level of service, price, and information while emphasizing sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and maintaining your margins.

This operating system is key for you to transition into automated, digitized stores and take advantage of your own data and digital opportunities. With our secure-rich foundation and end-to-end encryption, VUSION OS ensures that each data transmission is secure, blocking any potential security breaches. Retailers can also breathe easy knowing that SES-imagotag’s support teams are available around the clock, guaranteeing a fast recovery for any serious issues.

A Sustainable Future with DispleTech

This partnership between DispleTech and SES Imagotag is a testament to Adco DispleTech’s vision of helping our clients with efficiency, sustainability, and information in the retail sector. As we step into the possibilities of a digital future that drives less waste, less manpower while maintaining profit, we are paving the way for a seamless and sustainable retail future for our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on how DispleTech is innovating retail for a sustainable future!