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Mannequins & Forms

Mannequins breathe life into store designs and store windows; each one tells a certain story once draped with clothes. A retail fact to keep in mind – clothing displayed on figures or forms will attract more attention, then clothing sold strictly on racks. Psychologically, humans in general, are drawn to faces and body shapes, hence why they work well for retailers. Add some captivating visual appeal to your retail location by displaying your garments on mannequins available at Displetech in a variety of poses and styles, in fiberglass and plastic. We have wide selection with specific measurements or body types to best suit the kind of apparel you want to display. Our long-limbed egghead mannequins will add an aura of sophistication to your store environment. Our vibrant blue or pink ones will give your retail location a youthful charm. Male or female, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, our diverse supply will give you the ability to display your products with style.

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