Lightspeed Retail


Get started fast. Grow when you’re ready.

Get up and running at the speed of light with plug-and-play hardware and ultra-easy management features designed for every stage of your journey.

Manage inventory faster

Simplify inventory management with a sophisticated product catalog that unites all your locations from a single dashboard.

  • Easily track stock levels with a synchronized inventory system
  • Connect product catalogs to instantly edit details across channels
  • Restock faster with automated purchase orders
  • Import products from your POS system to your eCom store in a single click



Create exceptional customer experiences


Keep an eye on performance


Lightspeed Payments

Our Lightspeed payment solution gives your customers the flexibility they crave. Accept all major credit cards, offer one-click payments and more. And with end-of-day cash balancing, we’ll even get your team home faster.

Lightspeed eCom

Ready to expand online? Sync your POS inventory with your eCom store in a single click to sell your products everywhere: your website, social media, marketplaces and more.

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