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Why retailers should care about their store display

Merchandizing is the process of displaying goods so they can be easily seen and understood by customers. In order to do this, retailers must think about how to position items within a space. They may also choose to highlight certain aspects of an item through highlighting or colour coding. For example, if you run a boutique selling jewelry, you might place necklaces on top of each other rather than spread them out across a table. You could also create a "jewelry wall" where customers can see the entire collection at once.

Business owners, managers and staff all understand that the most important place in any business setting is the sales floor. Today’s evolving technology allows almost any area of a business – including outdoor lots, lobby areas, countertops, coffee bars, restaurants, and storefront windows – to increase sales and enhance consumer interactions.

Improve sales, retail experience and consumer engagement by custom retail fixtures for your retail location.

Our different custom retail displays

Custom store fixtures

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Roll-out and Installations

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More information about Custom display

We work with your retail store to maximize retail space and improve product display

1. Design your custom displays and retail space

We have a collaborative approach to the design process when creating retail spaces. Our design teams focus on unique layouts that connect brands to their target audiences. We design our retail spaces so that they encourage people to browse rather than shop, to expand their categories, and to encourage impulse purchases. Everything is taken into consideration, such as materials, colours, fixture size, type of merchandise displayed, your retail space itself and more to make sure your custom store fixtures are perfect.

2. Manufacturing of your custom retail store fixtures

We handle every aspect of the design and construction of our custom furniture, ensuring your custom project answers your every merchandise needs. We know everything about your custom store fixture project, so our team builds your fixtures and design elements to the highest standards, within the timeframe and at the price point you've set.  

3. Installation of your new custom retail fixtures

Your surroundings, unlike any other, are brought to life during the building and installing process. We're proud to offer an unparalleled service, backed by a highly trained and professional workforce. We've built a reputation for delivering quality projects on time and within budget, without any fuss or hassle.

Create your retail space with DispleTech

More ways to maximize your retail environment

Keeping your store organized and efficient

Ensuring that your store is well-organized can save you time, improve customer service and boost sales. This can be done by using the right displays, such as rolling clothing racks, display walls, merchandisers, even the lighting level of the retail store! At DispleTech, you are sure to find the right retail solutions for stock control and product display thanks to custom fixtures of a superior quality.

Develop your custom store display to increase high ticket product sales

When thinking about how a retail space will be designed and planned, companies need to think about how it will guide shoppers towards high-margin items, organize traffic flows, keep things organized and offer a positive shopping environment. With the right retail display, floor plan and lighting, you can expose your customers to a variety of products and increase sales for your high margin stock.

Match your display with the type of products you sell

A business's choice of location should depend on the type of products they sell, but over time different types of stores have evolved including:

  • Grid floor plans, which are often found in grocery and convenience store chains;
  • Loop floor planning used to direct customers to a particular path through the store;
  • Diagonal floor plans, which are useful to staff members. They get better visibility of the store and shoppers so they're easily available to help them;

DispleTech displays and fixtures you can use in your retail store

Multi systems

A multi-system is a versatile system that can be used to merchandise products in a unique and efficient manner. Offered with an array of accessories, a good retail multi-system will allow you to customize and maximize your floor space.

Pipeline system

You need a pipe retail display rack when you want to showcase your products in a way that makes them stand out. It's not just about having a good-looking display; it's also about making sure that your products are displayed in a way that they get noticed by customers. 

Clothing racks and displays

We have many merchandising options to display products in a retail environment. Choose from our wide range of clothing racks including, rolling racks, pipeline clothing racks, 2-way and 4-way racks, double bar racks, round racks and specialty clothing racks. 

Fiberglass mannequins

Fiberglass mannequins are lightweight yet sturdy enough for continuous use. These clothing forms allow retailers to create an eye-catching display without detracting from the product being showcased. Mannequins can be used to create extravagant window displays or smaller product presentations throughout your retail environment. 

And more custom fixtures

Find custom display walls, light box displays or the custom design you need. Not sure what your needs are for your retail store? DispleTech’s experts can help you come up with the perfect store plan and the right custom fixtures to grow your sales.

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