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      Slatwall panels are amongst the most versatile display options available to retailer today. Slatwalls can be mounted on to any stable wall giving store owners to ability to maximize their space. The functional design of this product gives it the ability to showcase almost any type of merchandise, ranging from clothing to technology products. The arrangement of the merchandise can be fully customized with the multitude of accessories available, including slatwall shelves, baskets, hat displays, cascading hooks and waterfalls, hangrails and acrylic displays. The accessories easily attach to the slatwall and can be quickly rearranged to adjust to the stores setup.

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      What is a slatwall panel?

      Slatwall panels date back to the 1960s after an innovative consumer identified the need for a more organized and tidier system for displaying goods. Simply put, slatwall panels are a structural material used to create wall coverings or display fixtures.

      Slatwall panels are an amazing product most often constructed from wood panels that feature horizontal grooves (also called slats, hence the name slatwall) that are able to accept various accessories such as bins, hooks, as well as shelves. Slatwall panels are available in a wide variety of sizes, and various forms such as free-standing styles, or full wood slatwall panels that can be affixed to existing walls depending on the product type you want to display.

      In many cases, a slatwall panel system will be reinforced with aluminum inserts that fit into the grooves of the slatwall panels. Not only does this aluminum gives some added strength and support, but when highlighted with color it gives the retailer the option to customize the look of their slatwall panels as they see fit.

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      What are the benefits of using slatwall panels?

      So why are slatwall panels some of the most popular store fixtures and displays used by retailers worldwide?

      • Slatwall panels are durable - This material has an impressive life expectancy. Slatwall panels are incredibly difficult to damage and can hold heavier merchandise than other fixtures, especially when metal accessory rails are inserted into the channels.
      • Slatwall panels are affordable - With their various uses and versatility, slatwall panels are a great bang for your buck. The basic slatwall panels have a fairly affordable price which is why they're an ideal solution for many shops. Higher-rated boards with custom finishes will fetch a higher price tag.
      • Slatwall panels can be easily customizable for a unique look - Between the various finishes, sizes, shapes, as well as types of attachments, you can create a retail display unique to your shop and its needs. And they're ideal for apparel as clothing slatwall panels make for an attractive display.
      • Slatwall panels are versatile - There is no single right way to use slatwall panels. They can be used to display clothing, candy, brochures, beauty care products, and much more.
      • Slatwall panels are user-friendly - You won’t need your heavy toolbox with slatwall panel displays. Once you’ve assembled your fixtures and slatwall panels, all you have to do is hook on your attachments to start merchandising.
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      Where to find the best slatwall panels for sale?

      At Displetech, we're proud to offer the best slatwall panels for sale. Whether you're looking for black slatwall panels, white slatwall panels, or maple slatwall panels, we can help you and provide you with the best slatwall panels on the market. Moreover, we also offer slatwall accessories such as slatwall accent strips that can be inserted either before or after the installation and will give a unique look to your slatwall panels. And that's not all as we offer aluminium inserts so it's easier to put up your aluminium hooks and such.

      How to use slatwall panels?

      Retail store

      One of the most popular uses of slatwall panels is in retail spaces. Shops rely on slatwall panels to display merchandise in a way that is tidy and organized, ensuring that customers find the items they need in a quick and easy fashion. This is critical to the success of a shop, as there is nothing worse from the customer’s point of view than entering a store full of disheveled and disorganized shelves.

      Furthermore, retail slatwall panels for display stands make sense because they save a lot of space. Department stores as well as local boutiques can benefit from space-saving tactics such as slotted wall panels. They allow them to present additional merchandise inventory in a clean, tidy, orderly, and efficient shopping experience. Using retail slatwall panels for displays makes use of the vertical space of the shop's walls that might otherwise go unused.

      Vehicles & trailers

      Traveling in a small space means that even a small amount of clutter can leave you feeling cramped. Slatwall panels are a great solution for vehicles as well as trailers. They provide a vertical storage option that makes use of space on the walls that might otherwise be left bare.

      With an assortment of slatwall panels options, you can easily display merchandise on the go and be in and out of a location faster than without slatwall panels. Trailers used for fieldwork or other can benefit by having tools, inventory, parts, and product display options accessible when traveling to work sites, mobile locations, as well as events.

      Tradeshow displays and exhibits

      For many businesses, tradeshows are an important source of visibility and revenue, and help to build brand awareness for any shop. The process of traveling to various locations with a lot of merchandise, and then choosing how to display it in a way that catches the eye of passersby can be difficult. Tradeshow slatwall panels can quell all display woes, providing a highly organized and display solution so all your products are visible to potential customers.

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      Is the installation of slatwall panels complicated?

      There are only a few trim pieces and not a lot of hardware for installation to put a slatwall panel in place so it's really not complicated. Whether it's a wood slatwall panel, a PVC slatwall panel, a vertical slatwall panel, it's all easy to build. Moreover, we include detailed instructions so you don't have to wonder about each and every piece of material, where they go, and how they fit. But, if you're in trouble for any reason, give us a call and we will be able to help you.


      Can I use slatwall panels as a storage solution?

      Absolutely! One of the many benefits of slatwall panels is that they're incredibly versatile. So, if you want to use them in your shop as well as in your back office or storage, it's totally possible. Therefore, your storage design matches your shop design, and you have an easy storage solution that keeps your merchandise tidy and organized.


      How to know which type of slatwall panels are the best for my retail store?

      That's a difficult question to answer right off the bat. The best way to know which type of slatwall panels are the best and most effective for your shop is to contact us. You will be able to tell us about your project and your shop (if you have angled ceilings, the shopping area, if there's drywall or not) and we will be able to tell you about the panel size, the services we offer, etc.

      Do you carry other types of retail displays?

      Whatever the type of retail displays you're looking for Displetech can help you as we carry various types of retail displays such as slatwall panels, clothing racks, signage as well as hangers:

      Fixture systems

      Racks and displayers


      Store supplies

      Protective equipment (PPE)

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      9 products