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  • Effectively kills germs, bacteria and viruses upon contact.
  • The CDC notes that viruses like influenza are killed at 75 Celsius. The steam produced from a Jiffy steamer is consistently at 100 Celsius.
  • No harsh chemicals or detergents needed.
  • Safe for surfaces including fabrics, vinyl, plastic, glass, metal, tile and more.

As the Quebec distributor of jiffy we have a constant supply of steamers and parts additionally, we help with warranty issues. Luckily with jiffy steamers, warranty issues have been few and far between since they are extremely well made and truly reliable for your in store needs. Jiffy J-2 and the higher end j-4000 are without a doubt, the most obvious investment in your merchandise.

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What is a clothes steamer?

A clothes steamer, also known as a garment steamer or simply a steamer, is a device that is used to quickly remove wrinkles from clothes, garments as well as fabrics using high-temperature steam.

Clothes steamers relax fibers instead of flattening them like traditional ironing. The process is gentler on clothing and removes the possibility of scorching. This means that a clothes steamer can also be used to eliminate wrinkles from delicate fabrics such as silk.

The most popular handheld steamers are incredibly easy to use: simply hang the clothes, fill the steamer's water reservoir, wait a moment for it to heat, and proceed to go over the garment with a gentle sweeping motion.

Furthermore, as steamers only use water (from a water chamber as a detachable water tank) and not any kind of harsh chemicals, they are an excellent product and eco-friendly product. 

Why is a Jiffy steamer important for your business?

Using a clothes steamer and especially a Jiffy steamer is extremely important if you have a clothes shop or an apparel store. It's so much easier to use and more efficient than an iron. With a Jiffy steamer, all your merchandise will look perfect even after people try them on. It's even better if you run a second-hand clothes store. Just a few applications and your clothes will look like brand-new pieces. 

Moreover, if you put yourself in your customer's shoes, having wrinkle-free clothes on the racks is much better than wrinkled ones or worse, stained apparel. There's a strong correlation between sales and the actual state of the clothes. So getting an affordable garment steamer can help you increase your sale.

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How can Displetech help you with a Jiffy steamer?

All businesses will require supplies to keep them going and keep their day-to-day operation running smoothly. Displetech is your source for clothing steamers and retail supplies in Canada. Ensuring your garments remain wrinkle-free is imperative in giving your customers a positive impression of your store.

As part of our retail store supplies, Displetech sells a selection of Jiffy steamers and parts that are ideal to keep your apparel looking flawless and intact. Jiffy steamers have a variety of applications including removing wrinkles in clothing, removing wallpaper, and steaming bedding and table linens. Browse our variety of clothing steamers to find the product that is right for you.


What are the benefits of using our Jiffy steamers?

1. Say goodbye to wrinkles when you use steamers

Steamers are incredibly useful when it comes to wrinkles, especially difficult wrinkles that seem to stay whatever you do. It requires less space to use a steamer (especially if you use a handheld steamer). You have ease of mobility and ease of movement when you use the Jiffy steamer's original cord plug.

Steam your clothes by running the steamer in downward strokes along the fabric. You don't even need to press hard or push the fabric against anything as the steam will gradually remove the wrinkles on its own. 

2. Steamers are easy to use

Steamers, especially our Jiffy steamers, are extremely easy to use. Even though you don't use an ironing board with your iron, you have to find a flat surface that is able to withstand direct contact with heat. A handheld steamer, on the other hand, is far simpler to use. You can also use steamers on delicate materials using the delicate setting feature.

3. Jiffy steamers are made in the USA

The Jiffy steamers are proudly made in the USA since 1940. They're the industry leader in everything steaming-related. Since 1940, Jiffy has evolved into the world’s oldest and largest steam technology manufacturer, inventing the steamer and the steaming process.

4. Our Jiffy steamer has a heavy-duty plastic frame

The Jiffy steamer J-4000 and the Jiffy steamer J-2 are extremely durable thanks to a heavy-duty plastic frame. It's, therefore, more durable than the competition. You won't find a better and stronger steamer on the market.

5. The Jiffy steamer offers strong long-lasting steam

Contrary to other steamers available on the market, the Jiffy steamer offers strong long-lasting steam so that your clothes are wrinkle-free on the first session. 

6. Jiffy steamers have a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer

In terms of warranty, customers who buy our Jiffy steamers can benefit from a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. This way, if anything happens to your Jiffy steamer, the manufacturer will take care of the reparation cost or replacement of the steamer.

Moreover, even after the 3-year warranty expires, the Jiffy steamer has easy-to-replace parts that you can buy directly from our website.

7. A Jiffy steamer for clothes kills all the germs and bacteria

First of all, Jiffy steamers are known to effectively kill germs, bacteria as well as viruses upon contact. As the extremely hot vapor touches the clothes, most of the microbes, if they are present, are killed. 

Furthermore, according to the CDC, viruses like the flu or influenza are killed at 75 degrees Celsius (or 167 degrees Fahrenheit). The steam produced from a Jiffy steamer is consistently, 100% of the time, at 100 degrees Celsius, effectively killing all the viruses and germs. 

8. Steamers can be useful for other tasks

Even though a Jiffy steamer is mainly used for removing wrinkles on clothes, it is a very versatile device that can be used to perform a myriad of other tasks, either in a professional environment or even at home. You can use a Jiffy steamer to: 

  • Remove grease;
  • Sanitize your countertops;
  • Refresh your upholstery;
  • Remove dirty grout in the bathroom and kitchen;
  • Defrost your freezer;
  • Clean shower curtains and glass shower doors;
  • Tackle light rug and carpet stains.

Think outside the box and you could find even more useful ways to use your Jiffy steamer.

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How do you use a Jiffy steamer?

The Jiffy steamer is incredibly easy-to-use as long as you follow the following instructions.

1. Hang the clothes you want to steam using the Jiffy steamer

First, hang the clothes you want to steam on the provided hanger above the Jiffy steamer. You can also use another hanger or rack if your clothes are already sorted out or if you're more comfortable with another type of hanger.

2. Fill the Jiffy steamer water tank

Next, you need to fill the Jiffy steamer water tank. No need to use detergent or any other type of harsh chemicals as water is enough. Please refer to the provided instructions manual to know the exact quantity of water you need for optimal steaming.

3. Wait for the Jiffy steamer to heat

Then, you have to wait around 15 to 20 minutes for the water to heat and be ready for steaming. Please refer to the instructions manual provided with your Jiffy steamer to know exactly how long you need to wait before being able to steam your garment.

4. Go over the garment with a gentle sweeping motion

Finally, once the water tank is filled and the water is hot enough, your Jiffy steamer is ready to use. Gently go over your garment with a sweeping and downward motion to remove all the wrinkles and sanitize your clothes. 

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Jiffy steamer price

How much does a Jiffy steamer cost?

At Displetech we offer two different models of Jiffy steamers:

  • Jiffy steamer J-2 garment steamer for your clothing store: Jiffy steamer J-2 garment steamer is recommended for home or light commercial usage with 1300 watts of steaming power. The J-2 offers the power to remove wrinkles quickly and effectively, reducing the need to iron. Steam is so gentle that you can apply it to most fabrics without fear of scorching. The base of the steamer unit is solid die-case aluminum that offers durability. Provides steam in less than 2 minutes and will continue to steam for 2 hours per filling. The J-2 garment steamer is available for $274.99.
  • Jiffy steamer J-4000 garment steamer with plastic head: Jiffy steamer J-4000 garment steamer is recommended for commercial use as it is a professional-grade steamer. This steam cleaner is equipped with a robust aluminum reservoir mold and an easy-to-read water level gauge and capacity. You get greater cleaning power with the head and brush. Use them to access difficult places and dislodge stains. The J-4000 offers command preheat and steam commercial settings, which allows you to obtain steam on demand. The unit takes 15 minutes to reach a temperature of preheating, and then 5 more minutes to achieve full steam. The J-4000 offers 2 hours of steam by the filling. The J-4000 Jiffy steamer is available for $430.00.
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Learn more about the Jiffy steamer 

Why should I steam my clothes before displaying them in my store?

Steaming your clothes or other apparel gives them a better appearance. After a steaming session, clothes and garments are wrinkle-free and sanitized. Customers are thus more likely to buy them. 

Is a Jiffy steamer safe for vinyl or other surfaces?

Yes! You can absolutely use a Jiffy steamer for something else other than steaming clothes. You can use it to remove wallpapers or use it on a variety of surfaces without any problems.

Do you need detergent for a clothing steamer?

One of the benefits of using a steamer for clothes is that you don't need harsh chemicals or any kind of detergent in order to benefit from it. You only need water as a steamer for clothes uses hot steam to remove wrinkles as well as to kill any bacteria in your clothes.

Can a Jiffy steamer damage my clothes?

Steamers are incredibly gentle on your clothing because they don't actually touch the fabric. For delicate fabrics, steamers are safer than ironing since they won't damage them. To protect your delicate garments from damage, look for a steaming attachment that creates an additional protective barrier between the steaming head and your fabric.

However, please keep in mind that you should never use a steamer on suede, leather, cotton, or any plastic materials because they can easily become damaged by the high temperatures generated by the steamer. Always check the manufacturer's instruction manual for details.

What's the difference between a clothes steamer and an iron?

First of all, clothes steamers use heat (provided by hot water vapor). Because they hardly touch the clothing, apply much less stress on the individual fibers of your garments, which makes them perfect for delicate fabrics, things that usually require dry cleaning and pressing, and so forth.

Ironing, on the other hand, uses pressure and temperature to physically smooth out wrinkles. They're ideal for creating a crisp collared button-down or sharp creases in pants. However, pressing the material causes it to become damaged, which could burn your clothing if left in place for too long or melt synthetic materials. Because they need a flat surface, ironing requires more room than even an upright steaming device.

Do you offer parts for the Jiffy steamer?

Absolutely! As the main Quebec distributor of Jiffy steamers, we have a constant supply of steamers and parts additionally, we help with warranty issues. Luckily with Jiffy steamers, warranty issues have been few and far between since they are extremely well-made and truly reliable for your in-store needs. Jiffy J-2 and the higher-end j-4000 are without a doubt, the most obvious investment in your merchandise.

What are the other products that Displetech offers?

At Displetech, we're proud to offer durable and affordable retail displays as well as slatwall panels, clothing racks, signage as well as hangers:

Fixture systems

Racks and displayers


Store supplies

Protective equipment (PPE)

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