Gridwall panels and accessories

gridwall panels have become an increasingly popular choice

Amongst store owners looking for a versatile display system that is affordable and maximizes display space.

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Gridwall panels Canada - Display your products with style

Displetech specialises in offering a variety of top-notch display accessories to retailers for their stores and shops. Grid wall panel, slatwalls, slat grid panels, wire grid shelving, and other fixtures from this company are used by shops to build eye-catching and useful displays for their goods.

The vast selection of fixtures, panels and accessories available for gridwall panels, gives store owners countless customization options. You can use bases, shelves of different colors, baskets, cap displays, hooks, faceouts and brackets to personalize the arrangement of your store's display.

What kind of accessories does Displetech offer? 

Displetech provides a variety of accessories, including shelves, baskets, and gridwall hooks, in addition to its main goods for use with its display systems. Displetech's products are made to fulfil the needs of retailers in a range of markets and industries with an emphasis on toughness and adaptability.

Panels and fixtures provide retailers with many advantages in creating an inexpensive and functional retail setup. They are lightweight and easy to install. gridwall panels can be attached to walls using wall mount accessories, or placed on freestanding legs or bases to create an easily movable display unit. They are low maintenance and a friendly solution to retailers who want to maximize the space available in their store setup.

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What are the benefits of using gridwall panels from Displetech?

Retailers frequently choose gridwall panels to build displays and shop fixtures. These panels are made up of a grid of horizontal and vertical wires that can hold a range of objects, including apparel, accessories, and other goods. Gridwall panels are renowned for their adaptability since they are simple to rearrange and reconfigure to suit a retail space's changing needs.

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47 products

47 products