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Mannequins breathe life into store designs and store windows; each one tells a certain story once draped with clothes. A retail fact to keep in mind – clothing displayed on figures or forms will attract more attention, then clothing sold strictly on racks. Psychologically, humans in general, are drawn to faces and body shapes, hence why they work well for retailers. Add some captivating visual appeal to your retail location by displaying your garments on mannequins available at Displetech in a variety of poses and styles, in fiberglass and plastic. We have wide selection with specific measurements or body types to best suit the kind of apparel you want to display. Our long-limbed egghead mannequins will add an aura of sophistication to your store environment. Our vibrant blue or pink ones will give your retail location a youthful charm. Male or female, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, our diverse supply will give you the ability to display your products with style.

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Rather than creating a display strictly out of store fixtures, add some real eye appeal by using wholesale mannequins or torso forms. These products are an excellent visual merchandising tool that brings your clothing to life making it more attractive to customers. Need to tell a particular story or need to have certain look in your store window? Displetech, along with its manufacturing partners, offers custom orders. We will work with you to design and mold a mannequin to meet your specifications.

Displetech has the largest supply of wholesale mannequins and dress forms, in Canada, in a variety of styles and shades to help you display your products in the best way possible. Male or female mannequins, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, they are available for practically every use. Choose from our figures with full-face makeup and hair or dress forms, whichever suits your needs best. Our dress forms make for an excellent table display. They can be used to showcase clothing, swimsuits or accessories. Clothing figures are designed to sell your clothing, apparel and accessories with style.

Our wholesale mannequins and forms are available in several poses. Find the ones with specific measurements or body types to best display sports or swim garments. At Displetech, we also carry a wide range of children forms as well as accessories, like wigs, to create the perfect displays. Our prices are so competitive and affordable you’ll want to order several!

Have questions or need help with your store planning contact us at info@displetech.com and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look. A solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

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25 products

25 products