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      At Displetech we have a wide variety of retail display cases, wrap counters and cash register stands that allow retailers to attractively showcase their products. Display cases are primarily used to merchandise valuable or fragile products. Check out our showcases in a variety of styles including frameless, full vision and half vision display cases. Available in wood, glass and metal materials, at Displetech you are sure to find the right display case that will showcase your products with style.

      Have questions or need help with your store planning contact us at info@displetech.com and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look. A solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

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      At Adco-Displetech we have a wide variety of retail display cases, shelves, wrap counters and cash register stands that allow retailers to attractively showcase their products and organize their merchandise. Display cases are primarily used to display valuable or fragile products. 

      Check out our showcases in a variety of styles including frameless, full-vision, and half-vision display cases. Available in wood, glass, and metal materials, you are sure to find the right display case to showcase your products with style. The options are endless. and remember:  a solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

      Have questions or need help to plan and control your merchandising contact us and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look.

      What are display cases?

      Display cases take the form of an enclosed shelf. It can be a glass display or a plastic display. This piece of hardware is used to display various items in a store and usually items that are not supposed to be directly manipulated by customers. You can use various options to display your merchandise. You can also use retail display cases as a storage option as it still helps you to keep everything neat and organized.

      Why are display cases important for your retail store?

      Retail Display cases are extremely important for your retail store as they allow you to display :

      • Memorabilia (cards, pin's, etc.)
      • Leather goods (bags, wallets, etc.)
      • Jewelry (rings, earrings, etc.)
      • Board games, video games, etc.

      You can definitely do what you want with display cases which is the beauty of such items especially if you go for our Canadian adjustable shelves. 

      As a retailer, finding innovative ways to showcase your products can be an important part of your success. However, depending on what type of product you sell, it may be difficult to find the right kind of product display. If you're looking for a product case that's capable of displaying your products safely, we have the innovation that you've been waiting for - product displays. Product displays are ideal for showing off various-sized products in your retail store, especially if you're in the technology field.

      At Adco-Displetech we call these products “fixtures” because they serve multiple purposes. They're not just for displaying products; they're also useful for storing inventory, organizing merchandise, and providing an attractive backdrop for showcasing products. We'll explain why they're so important to retailers and how they help increase sales.


      What is the purpose of a display case?

      Display cases are a fixture that helps encourage customer purchases by displaying merchandise in an advantageous manner as well as protecting it from potential damage. Display cabinets are made with sturdy materials (usually glass or plastic) so that you can be sure they won't break down easily especially in a crowded area.

      A display cabinet allows shoppers to browse items without necessarily touching them. People can then ask retail workers if they want to see an item or manipulate it, thus getting a better feel for the quality of the goods. Retail display cases are especially good for electronics retailers as they can use them to showcase phones, computers, and all the latest gadgets and accessories without fearing that a customer will break them or steal them.

      Display cases are among the most useful store fixture options available. They provide a space for displaying merchandise and doing sales, which, in turn, fosters positive customer interactions.


      How can Adco-Displetech help you and your store perform better with the best retail display cases?

      Adco-Displetech benefits from years of experience in helping retail store owners by providing them with advanced and versatile retail display cases among other products. Those display cases can have various applications and you can count on us to help you have an airtight display.

      Our two compartment display cases are perfect for jewelry as customers have a clear and perfect view of your products. And it's so much better to have rows and rows of shelves. Although a row of shelves can be useful for many reasons, for precious merchandise such as jewels, rings, necklaces and others, it's better to display only a few beautiful items with various color options in order to engage the conversation with your customers. 

      Benefits of display cases for retail stores

      Although display cases are not as interactive as product display tables, they're a great place to increase customer engagement as well as selling products. As the customer cannot directly manipulate the item by themselves, it's a great opportunity to engage with them and start a conversation about the merchandise you have for sale and their needs.

      If you're still unsure whether display cabinets are the right fit for your retail store or showroom, consider their advantages and disadvantages.

      Display cases encourage customer sales

      Retail fixtures and displays are helpful not only for the customer experience, but also for the customer purchasing decision. A display cabinet lets the customer see products on their own time and gives them the opportunity to browse through your products without feeling pressured. They can make their own buying decisions without having to ask questions or feel obligated to buy something. Display cabinets for retail are powerful display tools because they help customers during their browsing without being pushy.

      Retail display cases provide additional safety

      While it’s great to have security precautions throughout your retail store, electronic showcases provide added protection for your merchandise. Certain retail devices and showcases are at a higher risk of theft and security threats simply due to their location and the worthiness of your goods displayed. In contrast to other retail devices, electronic showcases are totally closed off, meaning your items are much safer than most showcases or other retail devices. The sturdy material and glass case make your electronic gadgets, tools, and other high-end items safe and sound.

      Display cases facilitates inventory management

      A good way to keep track of inventory is by using a product showcase. You don't need to go through every shelf to see if there's something you're looking for; instead, you can easily locate items by placing them in a showcase. It makes ordering and purchasing easy for both you and your employees.

      Retail display cases let customers guide their own shopping experience

      Displaying your inventory allows shoppers to browse through your items without having to wait for someone else to help them decide which ones they'd like to buy. They can look at your inventory, get an idea of what to anticipate when they visit your store and then choose which items they'd like to buy themselves.

      Display cases provide opportunities for customers to interact with employees

      When a customer decides they're interested in a particular item, they'll be able to ask any question they'd like. This helps increase overall sales and strengthens their relationships with your customers.

      Retail Display cases help protect your products

      Display cases can also protect your products against several issues such as UV lights, decay over time or sun fading. The airtightness of display cases are incredibly useful and means that your merchandise is safe from many problems. 

      As you can see, there are plenty of benefits plastic or glass display cases have to offer your space and your customers. As a retail fixture, they’re great for displaying products and conducting business.

      Which retail display cases are best suited for my specific needs?

      A good way to know which retail display cases are best suited for your needs is to contact us! At Adco-Displetech, we are proud to offer help and guidance to our customers from A to Z! So, if you don't know what type of retail display cases are best suited for your specific needs, give us a call and tell us about your shop, your space, as well as your vision. 

      Adco-Displetech has a wide variety of display cases to fit every retail space, such as 4’ and 6” case: we even offer 72” models. We will be able to work something out together!

      How can Adco-Displetech help you decide which product should go into which retail display cases?

      We can certainly provide you with help and guidance when it comes to properly placing your display cases in your store in order to take advantage of dynamic merchandising. Whether you wonder what to put in vertical slide glass hardware or where you should leave enough space in order to help customers move around freely, we can help you.

      Contact us and tell us about your store and we'll tell you what type of retail display cases is best and what to put in them.

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      Do you carry other types of retail displays?

      Whatever the option you're looking for Displetech can help you as we indeed carry various types of retail display cases such as clothing racks, signage as well as hangers:

      Fixture systems

      Racks and displayers


      Store supplies

      Protective equipment (PPE)

      Let us know if you have any questions about our retail display units or any other items you need.