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      At Displetech we have many Retail Clothing racks options to display products in a retail environment. Choose from our wide range of clothing racks including, rolling racks, pipeline clothing racks, 2-way and 4-way racks, double bar racks, round racks and specialty clothing racks. 

      The variety of garment racks available at Displetech provides retailers with many options when it comes to effectively utilizing floor space. We also have a selection of floor displays, nesting table displays, wire dump bins, shoe displays and acrylic risers to help merchandise any sort of retail products.


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      How can Displetech help you when it comes to retail clothing racks?

      The wide variety of garment racks available at Displetech provides retailers with many options to effectively utilize floor space. We also have a selection of floor displays, nesting table displays, wire dump bins, shoe displays and acrylic risers to help merchandise any sort of retail products: the best commercial clothing racks at the best prices.

      Our retail clothing racks are built with a great weight capacity to support any clothes, retail products, or a variety of items you want to put on display in your store. Our retail clothing racks are also a perfect storage solution as you can place the clothing racks in the front or in the back of your store, essentially in your storage space. Thanks to their compact design, durable design, adjustable design, aesthetic design, and their durable steel frame, our commercial clothing racks can fit anywhere. The organization options are almost endless.

      Why are commercial clothing racks essential in a retail store?

      Clothes racks are an essential item for displaying clothing, apparel and fashion products in a retail environment. Our straight clothing racks feature a horizontal bar with 2 supporting legs. In addition, we sell retail clothing racks with 2 straight bars to accommodate a larger selection of clothing. Choose between clothing racks with wheels and commercial clothing racks with a stationary base depending on your business needs.

      Commercial clothing racks are the perfect display and store tool for retailers

      Rolling garment racks make it simple for store owners to rearrange and display their products while based pieces provide a more permanent display station. Many of our clothing racks have adjustable heights to easily accommodate the length of the clothing that needs to be displayed. Our retail clothing racks come in a variety of designs to suit various retail environments, from industrial settings to boutique stores.


      What type of clothes rack does Displetech sell?

      At Displetech, we sell pipeline clothing racks for retailers who want to add an industrial feel to their retail environment. These clothing display racks are extremely popular in New York's garment district. They incorporate interconnecting pipes and connectors which are sure to add a touch of style to your showroom.

      We also sell various 2-way and 4-way floor displays, featuring central posts with arms that branch out. These clothing racks offer style and variety to create an attractive product display. Most of these retail clothing racks have adjustable heights to accommodate different setups as needed. These retail clothing racks are an ideal choice for various types of retail environments, such as fashion shops, outlets and department stores.

      Discover our beautiful retail floor displays

      Our floor displays and gondolas allow retailers to create an attractive showcase of their products that can be easily manoeuvred and rearranged. Floor displays can be used to optimize empty floor space while showcasing a broad variety of products.

      Discover our retail mirrors

      Keep an eye on your retail store or allow customers to better visualize your products with mirror displays.

      Discover our rolling racks

      Rolling garment racks make it simple for store owners to rearrange and display their products while based pieces provide a more permanent display station. Many of our rolling clothing racks have adjustable heights to easily accommodate the length of the clothing that needs to be displayed.

      Do you have any questions or need help with choosing the right retail clothing rack? Contact us and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look.
      A solid visual merchandizing plan with corresponding retail clothing racks will lead to increased sales.

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      What are the advantages of using commercial clothing racks?

      Using DispleTech's retail clothing racks offers multiple advantages to retail businesses trying to maximize their sales and their use of commercial space. Here are a few advantages offered by Displetech's commercial clothing racks:

      Our commercial clothing racks are a good use of space

      Considering its size, a retail clothing rack allows you to display a great deal of stock and so is a fantastic way for optimizing space in your store. Even small mom-and-pop shop spaces can usually hold at least half a dozen or more good-sized clothing racks. So even small traders as well as market traders can have a lot of merchandise on display in a relatively small area. The clothing racks are sturdy, durable and are designed to withstand ample weight (they can hold heavy winter coats, shirts, towels, and other bulky items) and a hefty load of garments over a long period of time.

      Our retail clothing racks is mobile

      A clothes rack is very effective and efficient, especially if it's on wheels like our rolling racks. This way you can move it around freely without having to move full shelves if you want to change your store floor design. Moreover, a clothing rack is quick to move as you don't even need to remove the hangers. Do it if it is too heavy, but otherwise, you're good!

      Our clothing racks keep your store organized

      Clothing racks are an effective way of displaying and separating merchandise so that things are easy for shoppers as well as retailers to find. In that sense, clothing racks are good organizers for your garments. Items can be arranged the way you want: according to size, colour, branding, etc. and there are even specialized racks available which give you the opportunity to subdivide items and be even more creative with displays.

      Any of our clothing rack will save you time and money

      You can find a commercial clothing rack for sale starting at as little as around $30 for the most basic racks. Because they are capable of holding as well as displaying such a large amount of merchandise, these clothing racks are a good investment for all kinds of clothing stores, from designer boutiques to charity stores.

      If you operate a busy store, then you know that the time it takes to rearrange displays or to replace sold stock can quickly add up. Clothes racks are very practical in that regard because the stock is very easy to keep tidy. Moreover, you can be flexible with the amount of clothing displayed on a single rack – if a few items on a display sell, immediately replacing them is not mandatory, you can just spread around the existing garments until you have time to replenish the display.

      Each of our clothing rack has a quick setup process

      Contrary to shelves, clothing racks are especially quick to set up. Thanks to their minimalist design, clothing racks are usually made of three or more individual pieces. Even then, compared to the most simplistic shelves with a short assembly process, clothing racks have a quicker setup process while requiring less tools to do the construction job.

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      What are the different types of clothing racks?

      Straight retail clothing racks

      The straight clothing rack is most likely the most frequent type of apparel rack. It can be rolling or grounded. As the name implies, this retail clothing rack's design features a horizontal bar that is supported by two vertical legs. Those can be outfitted with either wheels or stationary bases.

      Locking wheels can help prevent unwanted rolling. However, if you feel pretty secure in your fixtures' positioning, you may like the permanence of the based pieces, especially if you don't move things around too much. Like many store features, straight clothing racks can come in a variety of designs and finish, such as industrial design or boutique. There is an alternative to the single straight clothing rack with the double bar option. It is essentially a clothing rack that features two parallel crossbars at either the same height or slightly different levels so that you can display different items.

      Branching clothing racks

      Unlike the straight clothing rack variety, branch clothing racks feature a central, based trunk with posts that spread out from this sturdy base. This offers a bit more variety in terms of displaying apparel and merchandise, because customers have a perfect vantage point to view the merchandise from any angle. There are typically between two and four posts, and they can either extend from parallel levels along the fixture or at different heights if need be. Like straight clothing racks, a variety of styles and shades are available, such as black finish or a metal construction instead of plastic for another aesthetic option or an innovative solution or an aesthetic solution. But the price range may differ.

      Circular clothing racks

      Finally, circular clothing racks have a design featuring four legs (rolling or not) which splay outward to provide adequate support for the circular rim at the top. The only complication of circular clothing racks is separating different items if you want to make a distinction between sizes or styles, for example. They also provide less mobility and flexibility than straight retail clothing racks or branching clothing racks.

      What should I consider when purchasing a clothing rack?

      When purchasing a clothing rack, you should consider the size of your space, the amount of clothing you need to store, and your budget. You should also consider the type of clothing you will be storing, as well as your personal preferences. For example, if you have a lot of heavy winter coats, you may need a rack that is sturdy and can support their weight.

      How do I properly assemble a clothing rack?

      To assemble a clothing rack, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most clothing racks are easy to assemble, but if you are having trouble, you may want to seek help from a friend or professional. Make sure to tighten all screws and bolts to ensure the stability of the rack.

      How do I clean and maintain a clothing rack?

      To clean a clothing rack, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry. You should avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the finish. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to extend the life of your clothing rack and keep it looking great for years to come.

      How much weight can a clothing rack hold?

      The weight capacity of a clothing rack will vary depending on the model and manufacturer. It's important to carefully review the specifications of the rack before purchasing to ensure it will hold the weight of your clothing. If you are in doubt, you can always contact the manufacturer for more information.

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      Are you looking for other ways to furnish your retail store?

      Displetech can help you furnish your retail store with various items such as racks, store supplies or hangers. We're the number one when it comes to supplying retail stores with our expertly crafted items.