Our hanger organizers will help you store your hangers neatly and keep them clean while not in use. The hanger organizers are also a convenient way to move hangers from the back room to the front of the store. All of our hanger organizers are made of chrome plated steel and come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate most styles.

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Don’t forget to get your hanger reach pole or the high reach garment hook, this hook has been created for the retail clothing industry to reach products on high tiered racks. Designed to clip on the neck of hangers you can easily and securely move clothing from high places to the hands of your customer. The chrome hook with Beachwood handle has exceptional quality and looks great – it’s a great value. Organize and easily identify garments by size, season or colour with a rod divider. It fits on standard 1” or 1 ¼ “ rod and is available in a circle or rectangular format. We can customize wholesale hangers, garment bags or dividers with your logo, store name or specific information to fit your needs.

Transform any of our wholesale hangers into non-slip hangers with our clever foam strip grips. Add them to the arms of plastic, tubular or wood hangers - even hangers with thickly curved and rounded arms. The self-adhesive foam prevents garments made from delicate fabrics or wide necks from slipping off.

Have questions or need help with your store planning contact us at and we will be happy to help you put together the perfect look. A solid visual merchandising plan will lead to increased sales.

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34 products

34 products